Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the sudden or gradual decrease in hearing. Hearing loss can be mild or severe, reversible, temporary or permanent.

Hearing Solutions

Our team offers tailored hearing solutions encompassing the full range of the latest hearing technologies. Meet with one of our audiologists for a free consultation to discuss your hearing needs.

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Welcome to the ENT Faculty Practice Hearing Center.  Our Hearing Center is located at our Bradhurst office in Hawthorne. Our state of the art, full service hearing aid center provides both adult and pediatric audiological evaluations, and treatments for a variety of hearing care needs. In addition to dispensing the latest hearing aid technologies, our team of physicians and audiologists also offer implantable solutions for those requiring cochlear implants and bone conduction devices. Our caring audiologists have vast experience in caring for patients of all ages and expertise in treating individuals with other developmental and medical needs. Inquire with our Doctors to have your hearing assessed at the Ardsley, Phelps Memorial Hospital and Bradhurst offices.

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